Kevin’s 20 plus years of real world executive and senior management experience is an invaluable resource to clients to those who know, love, and trust Kevin and his team.   As Director, CEO, President, and CFO in private, closely-held family SMEs; and General Manager is a large public corporation, he knows how to deliver results.  

Kevin Baker Consulting was founded in 2012 as a side business while Kevin was President of a food manufacturer.  Initially, firm services included financial modeling, acquisition due diligence, as well as strategic business planning and execution services.  After working with many business buyers, Kevin Baker Consulting grew as a traditional consultancy.  


Leadership is about developing a strong vision of where you are going in order to be successful by being training your team to focus on execution of disciplined strategic planning–this si what Kevin Baker Consulting is famous for. Like the proverb says: Vision without execution is a dream, execution without vision is a nightmare.


Sherpas are the guides who lead those with the dream of climbing to the peak of Mt. Everest.  Kevin will be your Sherpa to the summit of your Growtential!

Our Founder

Kevin Baker

Kevin Baker

Founder, CEO

Kevin was raised working in a family business, holds an MBA degree from Regent University and has been President of a commercial bread bakery; CFO of a conglomerate; General Manager of an auto auction; university business professor (adjunct), and entrepreneur of two non-profits and two for profits. He is author of the innovation blog www.whatsnewamerica.com
Kevin Baker's real world experience equips owners, executives, and companies to unleash their peak potential, carefully navigate scaling up without blowing up, and staying focused in the midst of the daily whirlwind to achieve their wildest dreams.

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