Seventy percent of strategic failures are due to poor execution of leadership. It’s rarely for lack of smarts or vision.—Ram Charan

Do you have a process to execute your strategic goals to on-time results by the front lines staff of your organisation?

Executing strategic goals and objectives is the the challenge in today's results economy in today's business world.  Aligning the organization’s managers and work teams with your most important goals and objectives is at the heart of the battle to get things done.  

Why Your Business Struggles To Get Results

There is a conflict between the amount of effort it takes to maintain an operation (your “day job” or what is called the “whirlwind”),  and the goals for moving the operation forward. While both forces are necessary, they are not the same and do not get along. They compete for time, energy, and attention. 


  • Narrow The Focus For Exceptional Execution

    Learn how to bridge the gap between strategic plans and actually executing strategy. No more year-end wondering why we did not get done what we planned.

  • Measure The Right Activities and Metrics

    Learning to move the needle on metrics that matter confounds the most experienced executives and managers, and leads to failure.  Move beyond KPIs that tell you what happened to metrics that tell you what will happen.

  • Create a Culture of Frequent, Positive, Self-Directed Accountability

    Silos destroy progress.  Learn the process to understand winning, learning, and losing which creates the ultimate performance management system.

Learn About How To Install The Process

The 4 Habits of Strategic Execution is a process that transforms a company, non-profit, or government entity into a highly performing team that gets results.

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See What Our Amazing Clients Have to Say

Kevin Baker Consulting simply transformed our culture and company to be better and bigger in ways beyond what we were able to do by reading books and doing it ourselves.  In just four months, our company morale, engagement, performance, and ability to sustain these changes soared.

Philip MacGregor, Managing Director
Philip MacGregor, Managing Director Hardware and General--Sydney, Australia

Kevin Baker helped us think about our business like never before.  He is a more than a consultant.  He is a mentor who brings out the best in a team.  The results are extraordinary.

Spencer Rubeck, Partner
Spencer Rubeck, Partner Range Marketing--Buffalo, New York USA